With DALCOs' cluster on demand service you can rent as much CPU power as you need right at the time when you need it. If you have some larger calculations to be done, but not enough to justify upgrading or buying your own cluster, we have the right solution for you. We offer you the possibility to rent a whole dedicated cluster setup with your software and your operating system of choice (any Linux distribution you want or Windows) to do exactly what you need to be done. DALCO will assist you in choosing the right size of the cluster, we will set up the initial configuration for you and we will make sure your programs and solvers run on your rented cluster. You tell us, how long you want the cluster to be available to you. If you need some more time than you expected, you can easily extend your lease or you could cancel earlier in case your job ran faster than you expected. You only pay the time you need our cluster. Our rental fees include power, set-up and support during the use of your cluster.

When you are done, your personal configuration will be archived so you can have your cluster up and running with your familiar setup in even less time when you need it again.

When we talk about renting a cluster, we mean a real physical cluster. Each node you see in your rented cluster is a physical machine standing and running in our facilities and is fully dedicated to your rental cluster only. No one else will have access to the machine or parts of it during the time of your rental.

Thanks to our many years experience in building and running clusters for a variety of uses we can provide the right solution for your case.

Contact us and let us help you find the solution that fits your needs. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right method, size and even software to do the job.

The following is a sample list of software products our customers use on our systems on a regular basis. It is by no means exhaustive. We have the expertise and experience to install, configure, and run all of these software packages, along with others not listed here. We can undertake to install and configure any other software that is normally supported on the supplied hardware, be it open source, commercial or your own software. Let us know what you are planning on running on the cluster and we can optimize it to perform best with your applications.


  • Intel compilers Professional Editions (Fortran, C/C++, Windows/Linux, 64/32-bit, any recent version)
  • PathScale compiler suite (Fortran, C, C++ 64-bit compilers for Linux, any recent version)
  • PGI 64/32-bit Parallel Fortran/C/C++ compilers for Linux/MacOS/Windows, any recent version)
  • GNU Compiler Collection (gfortran, gcc, g++).

Math. Libraries:

  • Intel MKL math library (now integrated with compilers)
  • ACML math library (IMSL, NAG, etc. available by special request)

MPI Implementations (including MPI-2):

  • OpenMPI
  • Intel MPI
  • HP-MPI available by special request (this is usually "bundled" into applications like Fluent, but as a standalone MPI kit it is licensed separately by HP).
  • MPICH-MX and MPICH2-MX (for Myrinet clusters).

Other "middle-ware":

  • FFTW
  • GotoBLAS
  • HDF5
  • Panasas

Proprietary (licensed) HPC Software Applications:

  • Ansys Fluent and CFX for CFD, LS-DYNA for explicit analysis (eg., crash-testing), Ansys-Structural/Mechanical and associated Ansys products.
  • Star-CD/Star-CCM and associated products from Computational Dynamics
  • Nastran
  • Pamcrash from ESI
  • Radioss Finite-Element Solver and other products from Altair
  • Abaqus product suite (finite-element analysis) from Abaqus, Inc.
  • Gaussian chemistry code from Gaussian, Inc.
  • CFD++ from Metacomp
  • VASP (molecular dynamics)

Open-Source Software Applications:

  • Amber (molecular dynamics)
  • CHARMM (molecular mechanics)
  • CPMD
  • CP2K
  • HiQLab
  • MILC (MIMD Lattice Computation)
  • NAMD
  • OpenFOAM (open-source CFD application)