DALCO Liquid Cooled Rack

Thermal loads up to 21 kW

With the trend to computers of higher and higher performance and at the same time an ever-tighter package density in server racks, demand is increasing for intelligent systems for the optimization of energy and space efficiency. High density solutions are what IT decision-makers are looking for. Faster and more powerful server systems are being housed in smaller and smaller spaces. Heatload spots of up to 21 kW have to handled, whatever the temperature of the ambient air. The market demands complete, space-saving solutions for reducing the heat level of server cabinets.

To meet the requirements of higher performance and greater efficiency at the same time, DALCO provides an intelligent, rackoptimized and scalable overall solution with economical and combinable element modules. For small, medium-sized or large companies, from a stand-alone server cabinet to a complete, high-density cluster solution – DALCO reacts to the needs of the market with the right solution for every requirement.

Key Features

  • Full integration as compact unit
  • Up to 40 kW usable cooling capacity
  • 100% circulating air operation
  • Thermally independent of the ambient air
  • Parts carrying cooling water in separate housing

further product and pricing information

Please contact our sales departement at [sales(at)dalco.ch] for more product information or for your personal offer.