DALCO X64i Supercomputer (Redefining Performance)

The DALCO X64i offers superior performance and energy efficiency at a breakthrough price point. The combination of the advanced Quad-Core, Six-Core, Eight-Core, Ten-Core, Twelve-Core, Fourteen-Core, Sixteen-Core, Eighteen-Core, Twenty-Core and Twentytwo-Core and Twentyeight-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor architecture delivered in a fully factory integrated cluster solution, backed by DALCO's industry-leading service and support provides customers with exceptional value.


DALCO X64i System Highlights:

  • Support for Quad-Core, Six-Core, Eight-Core, Ten-Core, Twelve-Core, Fourteen-Core, Sixteen-Core, Eighteen-Core, Twenty-Core, Twentytwo-Core, Twentyeight-Core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2/v3/v4 and Scalable family processors
  • Fully Intel® Cluster Ready Certified
  • Fully integrated, pre-packaged solution with a variety of system configurations
  • Advanced Intel compilers and development tools
  • Up to 3TB registered ECC DDR3/DDR4 SDRAM per compute node
  • Improved power and cooling efficiency
  • DALCO Special Air cooling architecture
  • Datacenter floor space reduced by 42%
  • Improved reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Redundant (Dual-Rail) Infiniband QDR, FDR, EDR or Intel Omni-Path Interconnect Fabric
  • Redundant N+1 power supplies, over 92% efficiency
  • Complete DALCO Cluster management system

Discover Ultimate Configuration Flexibility, Performance, and Reliability

DALCO X64i cluster solutions combine the flexibility of individual component selection for ultimate application right-sizing, but with the convenience of full factory integration.

DALCO Cluster Management Software

DALCO Cluster Management Software (DCMS) features a complete lights-out management solution that comes pre-installed with every system. This software suite offers a web-based management interface that is easy-to-use, making it possible to control the X64i from any location. The management modules include Network Management, Server Management, Cluster Management and Storage Management. DCMS supports multiple networking topologies.

Easy to Build, Deploy, and Use

Fully integrated and factory tested DALCO clusters are delivered with a complete cluster management software stack to simplify deployment and management, but can be custom configured for perfect right-sizing.

Choice of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux Server, CentOS, Ubuntu, Scientific Linux or a combination of Linux and Windows in a dual-boot configuration.

Ideal environment…

…for demanding applications that require higher reliability and better system management delivering a balanced highly-available supercomputer cluster building block for a wide range of HPC applications such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, aerospace and automotive engineering simulations, petroleum exploration and production, scientific visualization for oil discovery and recovery, research in seismic, weather and environmental sciences, defense and classified research production.


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